Presentation software alternatives

24 05 2009

PowerPoint is the Kleenex of slide show software: it’s brand name is nearly ubiquitous in describing the product. But, as with Kleenex, it is not the only product out there, simply the most well know brand.

What alternatives are there to PowerPoint in the arena of presentation software, presentation application, presentation development? (It’s even hard to find a term that adequately describes the product!)

Well, there are a number of alternatives, both for sale and free, and I’ll lay out a number of them for you, giving you links to evaluations of the products.

  • PowerPoint is the defacto standard
  • Camtasia
  • Proshow Gold
  • Dryfork
  • StarOffice
  • WordPerfect Office
  • ThinkFree Show
  • SmartSuite
  • OpenOffice
  • Apple’s iWork Keynote
  • Google Docs Presentation
  • Zoho Show
  • Flash (yes, that Flash!)

Sources and reviews:




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