Professional Presentations

24 05 2009

Let’s clarify the above title: Good Professional Presentations! Whether it be PowerPoint or an alternative, knowing the basics of putting together a good professional presentation is an important skill everyone should know.

Sadly, there are still too many people who do not realize that there are a few basics when putting together a presentation. We’ve all seen too many presentations by professionals that make you want to slap the person who put it together. Whether they went overboard with with dissolves, text in every color of the palette, or whirligigs reminiscent of horrible home-brew web pages, the special effects overwhelmed the message.

But then they probably read each slide word for word, so we really didn’t miss anything. But that’s a whole different story.

What makes a good presentation? You’ve probably seen a few that made you realize – afterwards, of course – how good a presentation you saw. What were the attributes of the presentation? I’m betting among other characteristics were simplicity of template, a simple color scheme, consistency throughout the entire slide show, and readability. One can argue whether too much information on a single slide is a presentation design issue or a a message outline issue – I’ll come down firmly in both camps.

Fortunately we don’t need to deconstruct the good, the bad and the ugly here in order to develop rules for good presentations, the good folks at have done that for us. And, the folks at put together a set of examples on what NOT to do!

This won’t take care of the butterflies in your stomach before you begin your talk, but it will give you the confidence that the information is well laid out for the people listening.




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