Top 50 Food Blogs

19 02 2009

Mmmmmm, food. And these 50 blogs cover the gamut of food related topics: recipes, restaurants, photography.


The Fountain of Youth

6 02 2009

Well, maybe not exactly the Fountain of YOUTH, but certain the Fountain of Not Quite So Geezerly As Fast, and maybe the Fountain of Health.

But you have to do more than simply drink your way to better health. You have to pay attention all kinds of things, all kinds of foods, avoiding some, focusing on others, being careful not to mix this with that…

Or is it?

This article in the Guardian takes a look at both sides of the “good foods” question, and an interactive website that purports to give you the skinny on the 100 best foods.

Unknown web sites

23 08 2008

Well, obviously someone knows about them or we wouldn’t be able to share them with you.

Maybe this should be little known websites with some big potential, but that is a bit on the wordy side – not a good sound bite.

But instead of working through a list of ways to say it better (and flowers won’t help here), here is PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Websites.

A few of the ones that caught my eye include:

  • Coding Horror on coding horror stories
  • Web Designer Wall on trends and tutorials
  • Phone Arena on phone technical info, review, opinions (which I need because I’m in the market for a new phone)
  • Gazelle where you can buy and sell electronic gadgets (help defray the cost of being an early adopter, or get a good deal on a slightly use almost breaking edge piece of technology)

And the list could go on and on for, well, 100 sites! The variety is really quite broad.

Hunger – it grows over time

23 08 2008

An interesting study about hunger and overeating, and how that changes as we age. It seems that the neurons responsible for letting our brain know that we’re full are attacked by certain types of foods – sugar and carbs, or the free radicals they can turn into – and the result is fewer neurons letting our brain know that we’re full. So, if 10% of the neurons have been killed off, or damaged – I’m not sure if they know what the situation is exactly – you wind up eating 10% more to compensate.

No wonder it gets harder to loose weight as we get older! Not only does our metabolism slow down, our brain thinks we’re hungrier than we really are!!

I guess that we can adjust by portion control – either weighing or food or using a certain size plate – resulting in more consistent amounts of food ingested.

And stay away from those carbs and that sugar!!

Cheap and healthy

10 07 2008

Sometimes you just get lucky, and find a list of 20 foods that are healthy and cost under $1.

Most are fruits, nuts and vegetables; a couple are off the vegan radar. At least until you start fixing them, then you might need to be careful about using butter, refined sugar, cheese, …. But you can handle that part yourself.

Peeling hard boiled eggs

5 07 2008

This falls under the category of kitchen hacks: a better way to peel hard boiled eggs. It has a video link showing you how, which is good as the description doesn’t really help without the accompanying video.

OK, the video link no longer works, so I found the clip on YouTube so you can watch it in all its glory. However, I left the original link so you can read peoples’ comments.

And, in case you wanted the abbreviated version, you can check someone else’s video where they peel their egg in 10 seconds.

Top 11 foods that are good for you

1 07 2008

1. Pizza

OK, I’m busting your chops here. Pizza is no where on the list. Nor are any of its ingredients on the list, unless you’re talking about a seriously perverted pizza. Not that there is anything wrong with pizza – in moderation, of course!

But for the full list of 11 best food that you are not eating (almost no matter who you are!), check this article, and then check the half-dozen links at the bottom of the page.