Skyline photos

12 06 2009

Article on how to shoot better skyline photos.



3 06 2009

A page overflowing with tutorials and other info in a variety of web design, coding, and Photoshop.

Top 500 watercolor brushes

27 05 2009

Another Photoshop(R) article, this giving us a wonderful collection of over 500 water color brushes.

Digital panoramas

20 05 2009

I’ve put together some panoramas from a series of photos, with varying degrees of success. Some tricks are pretty obvious, while others are a little more subtle. Fortunately for us, Digital Photography School (gotta love what they put together to help us!) has put together a set of tips and tricks to help us up the panorama photography learning curve a little more quickly.

Top 15 places for Photoshop brushes

10 05 2009

Photoshop brushes add a to your toolbox of techniques and styles. This article pulls together 15 of some of the best sources of brushes.

Top 50+ Photoshop tutorials

6 05 2009

Another set of Photoshop tutorials. This is heavy on portraits and other techniques retouching pictures of people. As I’ve been playing with portraits recently, I’ll have to dig into a couple of these. (Not the ageing tutorial – I’m old enough already!)

But take a look at this Photoshop tutorial collection for yourself.

Photo Basics: Time Lapse

3 05 2009

Who isn’t entranced by video that stretch or compress time?

Slo-mo, familiar to all sports fans, allows us to stretch time: a bullet cutting a playing card in half, with the bits of paper flying everywhere, or the bursting balloon with the water retaining its cohesion and shape after the taut rubber has snapped back to its original size, and then spewing droplets of water everywhere.

Time lapse is at the other extreme, allowing us to watch clouds stream across the sky, cars rocket across a landscape, a flower blossoming, a plant growing, or a glacier melt back 100 feet in a matter of minutes.

Time warping clearly gives us a different perspective on events surrounding us.

This article from the Digital Photography School, which we’ve tapped before, gives us the basics of time lapse photography.