The Fountain of Youth

6 02 2009

Well, maybe not exactly the Fountain of YOUTH, but certain the Fountain of Not Quite So Geezerly As Fast, and maybe the Fountain of Health.

But you have to do more than simply drink your way to better health. You have to pay attention all kinds of things, all kinds of foods, avoiding some, focusing on others, being careful not to mix this with that…

Or is it?

This article in the Guardian takes a look at both sides of the “good foods” question, and an interactive website that purports to give you the skinny on the 100 best foods.


How to remove libelous info from the internet

17 01 2009

The article is actually titled, “How to remove false libelous information from the Internet“, but I’m not sure what that means, or what that implies. Is there true libelous information that you would want to leave? Should there be a comma between “false” and “libelous”, so it reads, “How to remove false, libelous information from the Internet”? Or am I just getting stoopidly picky? (You don’t have to answer that!)

In any case, there may be information about you out there on the internet, and you want it gone. What to do? How to tackle a project like that?

If the information is false, if it is libelous, there may be a solution. The article give a process to work through to address the problem. It starts off simply, and escalates so you have more powerful and drastic tools to use if the web site refuses to address the situation.

Good luck!

The Top 17 Molecules in History

3 01 2009

Earth shattering. World changing. These molecules rewrote history. Well, they made history, not exactly “rewrote it”, which sounds like some Communist or Orwellian Department for the Public Good. Soap, Salt, Silicon – they’re all here.

A couple of critical molecules – Oxygen and Water – were not included because, I suspect, they occur abundantly in nature without requiring synthesis, extraction or some other form of modification in order to be available in massive quantities like the others do.

Mind games to fight aging

2 01 2009

Mind exercises to help slow down the mind’s aging process.

Intelligence, poverty and sperm

6 12 2008

An unusual line of of subject words, but that’s the interesting thing from these two studies: one from Berkeley on the differences in brain function between poor and rich kids, and the other from King’s College, London, on the correlation of sperm, health and intelligence.

What to make of it? I’m not sure, though superficially one would be tempted to conclude that nerds and geeks are far studlier than gansta’s. However, I’m not in the appropriate field to be able to draw that conclusion. Maybe someone who is qualified can shed light on whether or not that is a valid correlation.

Face plant or Transformer?

23 11 2008

I can’t tell whether this is a face plant, or the biker is transforming into a bike…

I think it’s an Ouch!

5 myths about health care

23 11 2008

An interesting article in the Washington Post about ways the US can improve its healthcare system. But these myths are in the way of achieving that goal.