Life Hacks: Top 21 ways to simplify your life

8 09 2008

Here are 21 ways to help simplify your life. Brought you you by Zen Habits.

Some are really slick.

I like #14: 30-day rule, where anything you want goes on a 30-day list, along with the date, and if you still want it 30 days later, then go ahead and get it. I can see where it would seriously help cut down on impulse buying.

We have gotten too cluttered, so #16 is also a great rule: 1 in, 2 out. If you bring something in, 2 things have to go. I’m getting a camera, so my son and his wife have to go. ;^D

Another one I am able to do, but my wife is not, is #9: Go paperless. I can’t go completely paperless, but a lot of my work is such that paper is not a requirement. My wife does accounting, so paper is her life. Of course we both have credit cards bills, utility statements, etc., so we both have some basic administrative files, so we are stuck with some paper. However, I will see what we can do to cut down on the paper we are forced to handle and file.

And one of the best is #7: Start your day with peace. Back in medieval times the monks would arise early and have morning prayer – maybe they still do. A few moments of meditation, prayer, a short devotion, could go a long way to bringing some sanity and peace into our lives, and thence into the lives of those we come into contact with throughout the day.


Life, or something like it

29 08 2008

I saw this graffiti on life and thought it was pretty funny.

Then I thought about it and thought it was sad. How hollow. But, regrettably, all too often how true. What are you doing to be different? To make a difference?

Unknown web sites

23 08 2008

Well, obviously someone knows about them or we wouldn’t be able to share them with you.

Maybe this should be little known websites with some big potential, but that is a bit on the wordy side – not a good sound bite.

But instead of working through a list of ways to say it better (and flowers won’t help here), here is PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Websites.

A few of the ones that caught my eye include:

  • Coding Horror on coding horror stories
  • Web Designer Wall on trends and tutorials
  • Phone Arena on phone technical info, review, opinions (which I need because I’m in the market for a new phone)
  • Gazelle where you can buy and sell electronic gadgets (help defray the cost of being an early adopter, or get a good deal on a slightly use almost breaking edge piece of technology)

And the list could go on and on for, well, 100 sites! The variety is really quite broad.

Politics, Religion and Happiness

13 08 2008

Commentary and exposition on Mark Twain’s thoughts on politics, religion and our rationalization of happiness.

Mark Twain is always good, and in these quotes are very thought provoking.

Interview with Ayn Rand

13 07 2008

In 1964 Playboy interviewed Ayn Rand about the books she wrote, in particular Atlas Shrugged. In it she explains her concept of morality and how the Objectivist looks at morality, and all aspects of life.

Certainly it is something to look at and think about, regardless of one’s religious affiliation, as it is a part of the life philosophy of many people.

7 Habits of a Winner

10 07 2008

The quote at the beginning of the article is interesting, and I’ll repeat it here just because:

Success in life is determined by your ability to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

Well, he certainly had a number of failures in his life, so he should be qualified to make that statement, though his page on the has it stated slightly differently.

Be that as it may, the advice on the 7 Habits of a Winner page is good. It shares a number of euphemisms and old saws, but they don’t diminish the quality of the advice. And once you are practicing these, they will become a habit, and the rest will follow.

The last item, to keep learning, is one of my favorites. And the quote I best like for this was written by Louis L’Amour in The Lonesome Gods: “He who ceases to learn is already a half-dead man.” Those who are learning still retain that spark of curiosity, an interest, are looking beyond themselves at the larger picture and how they fit into it. Those who cease to learn have lost that spark, that curiosity, and have given up trying to improve themselves, given up on life, and are now simply waiting to die.

Bucket List

9 07 2008

We’ve all seen the movie and know the whats and whys of The Bucket List. But, have you thought about your own Bucket List?

What should be on it?

How can you do it with career and kids?

How can you do it with limited resources?

How can you start if you don’t even have a list?

Fortunately, this article on 50 things to do before you die can help you with your own personal Bucket List. Not that you’d include all 50 items, but it’s a start.

  • Burning Man
  • Taj Mahal (I’m surprised that’s not on there)
  • Visit every continent
  • Travel an entire river by canoe/kayak or other type of boat – from source to ocean.

OK, only one of those was on the list of 50 in the article, so I’ve given you a bonus of 3 extra items for free!

You’re welcome!