Top 10 Linux web-based tools

6 05 2009

As I read over the list I disagree that these are web-based tool, rather they are tools that are used to provide web services, manage web servers, or serve web applications. Web-based tools would, to me, be tools that I use that are accessed on the web, like GMail (email), Mint (personal finance), flickr (photos) and Skype (Voice over IP).

But enough of editorializing and being picky about the language, I’m not an English teacher, and the important thing is not the article’s title but its content. This article gives us 10 top Linux tools for managing and providing web-based services and applications.


International Year of Astronomy

17 01 2009

2009 has been designated the International Year of Astronomy. It is also tied to the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first use of the telescope (though he was NOT the first to use a telescope – more on that later). This article on the International Year of Astronomy gives us 10 events spread across the span of the year where we should turn our thoughts skyward.

So what’s this about Galileo not being the first to examine the moon with a telescope? Isn’t that what we have been taught in school lo these many centuries? Well, according to this BBC article, Thomas Herriot was actually the first to accomplish that feat by about 6 months, making extremely detailed drawings of the moon before Galileo.

Ebert’s best films of 2008

2 01 2009

Roger Ebert gives us this list of the 20 best films of 2008.

Hmmmm, I need to do some renting.

Efficient web development

15 12 2008

Web development is good, and important, and you want to do it. But you also want to do more, stronger, faster, but how?

Here are 10 ways to cut down on the time you spend on web development. (Hey, these procedures and techniques work on mainframe code, PC code, and just about every major development group, so why not use them yourself?)

Top Top 10

9 12 2008

The Top 10 of Everything, brought to you by Time.

We like Top 10 lists, but a whole collection of them? By Time? Could it be better?

46 Tips for Business iPhone users

21 11 2008

“Business iPhone” seems like a contradiction, but a growing number of business people are using the iPhone for business communication. And this article has 46 tips for them.

Top 5 Windows File Managers

25 07 2008

Finding files on a computer can be difficult if you forget where you left them. And, Mac geeks, don’t tell me that a well designed system like a Mac can eliminate all my file problems – at some point I have to select a file to open, regardless of where it is stored, and if my file structure is a mess then I will have to wade through a wasteland of unwanted files before finding the one I need at that particular point in time.

Fortunately there are tools that do the job better than the default file managers that come with our native operating systems. Here we take a look at the top five Window file managers.