Autorun USB drives – or not

1 06 2009

Autorun USB drives can be pretty handy and convenient – and open your computer up to some serious infiltration by viruses.

This article in Make Use Of tells how you can keep your USB drive from being suceptible to Autorun.


Windows 7 vs. Linux

1 06 2009

Both have been making tremendous strides, trying to position themselves to gain serious market share. How are they fairing? What are their features? What advances are they making? And how do they compare to each other?

InfoWorld has taken the time to lab test both sets of products, and have delivered their opinion in this article on Windows 7 vs. Linux.

10 things never to say to a nerdy guy

30 05 2009

I thought this is an interesting list. I especially like #6, and didn’t know about #2! #8, #7, #4 & #3 are also very interesting in a turning the tables kind of way.

Ok, ok, you want to know what they are: here are the 10 things never to say to a nerdy guy.

Web safety with Firefox extensions

30 05 2009

This looks to be a useful and practical article on safer browsing using certain Firefox extensions.

Cool! Restarting your computer over the Internet

30 05 2009

Of course the question would be how I can keep others from restarting MY computer, but we’ll skip that for now. Just being able to do restarts over the internet is pretty cool. And this article gives you 3 ways to do the remote restart.

And while the article doesn’t explicitly go into securing your computer from evil geniuses, mad scientists and compu-terrorists, it does talk about reconfiguring your router, which will raise security on your system.

Top 100 Productivity Tools

30 05 2009

The article’s title is “100 Terrific Productivity Tools for the Bored or Unemployed”, but I think that is misleading at best. What I find here are 100 useful productivity tools, regardless of who you are. Granted, some are more useful to the unemployed than to those gainfully employed, such as the resume builder and job coach, and they aren’t all aimed at work productivity. Skype and WordPress are more often than not used in non-work settings, but they certainly could be used in work settings as well. (Maybe I should start a blog on the technical and public aspects of my work?)

But hair-splitting aside, here is a great list of 100 terrific productivity tools, regardless of who you are!

Top DIY sites

30 05 2009

Lost in the sheer volume of DIY sites around the web? What to know which are most able to help you get the job done? PC Magazine pulled together this list of the best Do It Yourself and How To sites around.