Hunger – it grows over time

23 08 2008

An interesting study about hunger and overeating, and how that changes as we age. It seems that the neurons responsible for letting our brain know that we’re full are attacked by certain types of foods – sugar and carbs, or the free radicals they can turn into – and the result is fewer neurons letting our brain know that we’re full. So, if 10% of the neurons have been killed off, or damaged – I’m not sure if they know what the situation is exactly – you wind up eating 10% more to compensate.

No wonder it gets harder to loose weight as we get older! Not only does our metabolism slow down, our brain thinks we’re hungrier than we really are!!

I guess that we can adjust by portion control – either weighing or food or using a certain size plate – resulting in more consistent amounts of food ingested.

And stay away from those carbs and that sugar!!