Cheap and healthy

10 07 2008

Sometimes you just get lucky, and find a list of 20 foods that are healthy and cost under $1.

Most are fruits, nuts and vegetables; a couple are off the vegan radar. At least until you start fixing them, then you might need to be careful about using butter, refined sugar, cheese, …. But you can handle that part yourself.



8 07 2008

Ever been with someone and don’t have any real strong ideas about something to do? You know the old lob-and-volley:

“Wadda ya wanna do?”

“I don’ know, wadda ya wanna do?”

“Don’t know, wadda ya wanna do?”

It’s so entrenched some times that they actually made a management movie about it called “The Abilene Paradox”.

One of the solutions is to offer something specific, maybe a bit whacky, maybe something cheap, and give it a whirl.

Here are 30 specific, whacky, different, definitely inexpensive (not “cheap”) ideas for a date. And some of them work for things to do with children, others with your significant other, others with the friends who you see occasionally.