3 06 2009

A page overflowing with tutorials and other info in a variety of web design, coding, and Photoshop.


Geek reading list

13 08 2008

Summer is over and you may, or may not, have read the books recommended on my last Geek Reading List.

Regardless, I have another reading list for you to dig into. This list includes a variety of genres, not just techie books:

  • Sci-Fi
  • Biographies
  • Design
  • Tech History
  • Crypto
  • Software Development
  • Tech Philosophy
  • How STUFF Works
  • Productivity
  • On-line reading

A nice, comprehensive list that should titillate any geek interest. You can get the whole list of 50 books, and the links to them, here in this article.

Creative design – Table of Contents

9 07 2008

This article shows a number – 25, 35, 45? – of examples of interesting and creative tables of contents. Usually they are staid, boring, hum-drum things that provide information but no inspiration. These examples, however, show what a bit of creativity can do!

And for those of you stuck in the web, these are forerunners of web design, where form and function meet and explode into something creatively wonderful and new. Even if you’ve never looked at that archaic form called “print media” or “books” or “paper”, you should check this out and learn about your roots.

When is it done?

29 05 2008

Some experts help us discover when a web design is finished.All done, Creatively

Otherwise creativity can become hostage to the Peter Principle, and continue unabated until every undesignated moment is full of unproductive work.