The Fountain of Youth

6 02 2009

Well, maybe not exactly the Fountain of YOUTH, but certain the Fountain of Not Quite So Geezerly As Fast, and maybe the Fountain of Health.

But you have to do more than simply drink your way to better health. You have to pay attention all kinds of things, all kinds of foods, avoiding some, focusing on others, being careful not to mix this with that…

Or is it?

This article in the Guardian takes a look at both sides of the “good foods” question, and an interactive website that purports to give you the skinny on the 100 best foods.


5 myths about health care

23 11 2008

An interesting article in the Washington Post about ways the US can improve its healthcare system. But these myths are in the way of achieving that goal.

Top 11 Life Saving

21 11 2008

Here are 11 simple things you (and I) can do to save your life – or improve it, let you live longer, enjoy better health. Not hard, not expensive, not necessarily time consuming (though exercise does take time), and the rewards are noticable improvements in your life style.

Top 10 Heart healthy foods

12 10 2008

We’re always looking for ways to be healthier: more exercise, fewer calories, better foods. Here is a list of the 10 best foods for your heart’s health.

100 habits to live to be 100

19 07 2008

These 100 essential habits are organized into areas such as heart, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diet and exercise, allowing you to pick a few habits at a time to introduce into each area rather than feeling like you have to make all 100 changes at once. Assuming that you are doing everything wrong, that is.

But, these are things that we can do, can address, to help us improve our longevity and reach that magical goal of 100 birthdays, and be able to enjoy that time.

Now, where do I start? Hmmm.

Improve your health, finances, and the environment!

9 07 2008

An interesting article from Down Under about the benefits of cycling, bi-cycling.

Sorry, just read about Bond, James Bond and got a little carried away.

Lose 50 pounds a year

5 07 2008

Yes, I need to, and after the report listing the 10 fattest states, you may also decide that you, too, need to lose some weight. This article has some tips to help drop 50 pounds this year, which would be just about where I want to be.