3 06 2009

A page overflowing with tutorials and other info in a variety of web design, coding, and Photoshop.


22 Photoshop tutorials for professional photo enhancement

2 05 2009

Here is a series of 22 Photoshop tutorials so you can get professional results with your photos. Things like enhancing skin tone, adding light effects and the currently popular tilt-shift effect.

Top 10 Photoshop tutorials

29 01 2009

Improve stock images, portraits, and so on to make them the serious and impressive pics like you would like.

Top Photoshop tutorials here.

25 Photoshop Tutorials for web designers

22 12 2008

More Photoshop tutorials targetted for web designers.

24 free Christmas PhotoShop Tutorials

3 12 2008

Christmas (or “The Holidays” for the Politically Correct) is coming, bringing with it parties, festivities and the photos that inevitably go with them. And just in time is this great gift for you Photoshoppers and Gimpers: 24 free Photoshop tutorials!

OK, they’re not Gimp tutorials, but many of the techniques should work with a bit of modification. And if you’re proficient with Gimp you should be able to make the transition and translation.

PhotoShop and Gimp are registered trademarks!

Photoshop School: 30 Photoshp text effects

11 09 2008

Here is a set of tutorials showing how text can be created with grass, glass, jewelry effects. 30 of them. Pretty cool!

Photoshop tutorials

24 06 2008

These Photoshop tutorials show how various fantasy pictures and themes are created. Included are dragons, fire, lightening, the human body, flowers, water, mist – all components useful in creating your own fantasy scene.