3 06 2009

A page overflowing with tutorials and other info in a variety of web design, coding, and Photoshop.


Top 500 watercolor brushes

27 05 2009

Another Photoshop(R) article, this giving us a wonderful collection of over 500 water color brushes.

Web Design Cheat Sheets

6 04 2009

Or, as the article says, “14 Incredibly Useful Web Design Cheat Sheets“.

What kinds?

  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Flash
  • Photoshop


Top 8 tweaks to make GIMP replace Photoshop

4 04 2009

Photoshop is unarguably the standard in photo & image manipulation packages. And they are very good. But poor folk like me don’t have the deep pockets required to run such a sublime piece of software.

Or do we? GIMP, the poor man’s photo & image editing application, is becoming more and more powerful, and its Open Source basis means that there a many experts adding to its capabilities every day.

Smashing Magazine brings us 8 tweaks that help us replace Photoshop with GIMP.

Top 5 Image Editing Software

4 04 2009

Photoshop is the only image editing package out there, right?

Yeah, there are other packages that come with your camera that let you rotate, crop and get the red out, but if you want to do some serious image work, you have to get Photoshop.

Well, actually, no. If you have read this column enough you have seen a number of reference to GIMP, the Open Source image editing package (poor man’s Photoshop?) that is becoming quite powerful. Some Photoshop scripts don’t transfer directly, but it’s really pretty good.

And, actually, there are other packages available as well. This article SixRevisions reviews the top 5 image editing packages on their list.

On the road out of Vista

21 02 2009

One Vista user’s road to Linux. Including what Linux applications he used to replace his Windows applications.

Very useful.

Top 10 Photoshop websites

31 01 2009

This article offers 10 websites that will make you a Photoshop ninja.


“You Suck at Photoshop” is the first one. Sounds a bit irreverent, snobbish, like it’s looking down its nose at me…. Maybe I really do suck at Photoshop. Maybe this is a good place to start.

If you suck at Photoshop too, go check out the article.