Top 100 Productivity Tools

30 05 2009

The article’s title is “100 Terrific Productivity Tools for the Bored or Unemployed”, but I think that is misleading at best. What I find here are 100 useful productivity tools, regardless of who you are. Granted, some are more useful to the unemployed than to those gainfully employed, such as the resume builder and job coach, and they aren’t all aimed at work productivity. Skype and WordPress are more often than not used in non-work settings, but they certainly could be used in work settings as well. (Maybe I should start a blog on the technical and public aspects of my work?)

But hair-splitting aside, here is a great list of 100 terrific productivity tools, regardless of who you are!


Unknown web sites

23 08 2008

Well, obviously someone knows about them or we wouldn’t be able to share them with you.

Maybe this should be little known websites with some big potential, but that is a bit on the wordy side – not a good sound bite.

But instead of working through a list of ways to say it better (and flowers won’t help here), here is PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Websites.

A few of the ones that caught my eye include:

  • Coding Horror on coding horror stories
  • Web Designer Wall on trends and tutorials
  • Phone Arena on phone technical info, review, opinions (which I need because I’m in the market for a new phone)
  • Gazelle where you can buy and sell electronic gadgets (help defray the cost of being an early adopter, or get a good deal on a slightly use almost breaking edge piece of technology)

And the list could go on and on for, well, 100 sites! The variety is really quite broad.

Top 100 IT places to work

11 07 2008

Computerworld just published an article on the 100 best places to work in IT, complete with a nice interactive map so you can pick your area and zoom in rather than look down a list for the places in Richmond (CarMax), Oklahoma City (American Fidelity Assurance), or dozens of places between or beyond.