3 06 2009

A page overflowing with tutorials and other info in a variety of web design, coding, and Photoshop.


25 jQuery Tutorials

29 03 2009

jQuery is becoming more popular and useful, but not everyone knows how to use it. Here are 25 tutorials to help you get going with jQuery.

Hmmm, there are things there now that I haven’t known about. The jQuery train left the station and I was checking the news stand!

24 free Christmas PhotoShop Tutorials

3 12 2008

Christmas (or “The Holidays” for the Politically Correct) is coming, bringing with it parties, festivities and the photos that inevitably go with them. And just in time is this great gift for you Photoshoppers and Gimpers: 24 free Photoshop tutorials!

OK, they’re not Gimp tutorials, but many of the techniques should work with a bit of modification. And if you’re proficient with Gimp you should be able to make the transition and translation.

PhotoShop and Gimp are registered trademarks!

Web design 122: CSS resources

29 08 2008

Here is an article that continues our education in CSS by providing us with 20 websites to “Help You Learn and Master CSS“.

Learning CSS

29 07 2008

So, you’re a beginning web designer and need to get into CSS, but aren’t ready to spring for the tuition for a class. What are you going to do?

Fortunately I have the answer: CSS Layouts: 40+ tutorials, tips and demos and best practices!

Photoshop tutorials

24 06 2008

These Photoshop tutorials show how various fantasy pictures and themes are created. Included are dragons, fire, lightening, the human body, flowers, water, mist – all components useful in creating your own fantasy scene.