Bucket List

9 07 2008

We’ve all seen the movie and know the whats and whys of The Bucket List. But, have you thought about your own Bucket List?

What should be on it?

How can you do it with career and kids?

How can you do it with limited resources?

How can you start if you don’t even have a list?

Fortunately, this article on 50 things to do before you die can help you with your own personal Bucket List. Not that you’d include all 50 items, but it’s a start.

  • Burning Man
  • Taj Mahal (I’m surprised that’s not on there)
  • Visit every continent
  • Travel an entire river by canoe/kayak or other type of boat – from source to ocean.

OK, only one of those was on the list of 50 in the article, so I’ve given you a bonus of 3 extra items for free!

You’re welcome!



One response

9 07 2008

I decided on my list when I was 30 and have almost completed it. Thanks for directing me toward a list that I can borrow from.

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